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Lasik refractive surgery

Lasik is a procedure that reshapes the cornea, allowing the eye to focus properly. Manhattan Vision has been at the forefront of this field since 1993 and has extensive experience in providing the best outcomes for refractive surgery patients. The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes per eye, and patients report that 80% of their vision is corrected immediately. Most patients miss only one day of work, and maximum improvement occurs within a week. Patients report only minimal discomfort.

Prior to reshaping, a corneal "flap" is folded to one side and a laser beam is used to reshape the cornea. This concentrated beam of ultraviolet (cool) light is so precise that it can cut notches in a human hair. The doctor programs and operates the laser, thus maintaining control throughout the procedure. After the cornea is reshaped, the flap is folded back into position. Naturally occuring pressure holds the flap in place until it heals, so stitches aren't necessary.

Are you a candidate for Lasik?

In order to determine whether Lasik will be effective, a "map" of the cornea must first be created. This is done with automated, state-of-the-art equipment that measures 6,000 points on the eye. This same information is used during the procedure to program the computer software that calculates the required corneal change.

Free Lasik consultations and seminars

We offer free Lasik consultations which include a computerized evaluation of your prescription and corneal curvature and a microscopic evaluation of your cornea. The doctor will also answer any questions you have about Lasik. Our free seminars include a live Lasik procedure and the opportunity to speak to the patient about the experience immediately afterward.

Lasik payment options

Payment isn't expected until the day before your procedure. Certified or personal checks and major credit cards are accepted. Many patients use a credit card that awards points toward frequent flyer miles, phone usage, etc. Financing as low as $69 per eye per month with no down payment is available. Rates and terms can vary and are subject to credit approval. We'll check into your insurance coverage for you and give approval in just 15 minutes. Lasik is approved for payment on employer-sponsored "Flex Plan" spending accounts. Please contact us to schedule a consultation or register for a free seminar.

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